Manuals and Documents:

Over the years we have had quite a number of equipment and gear installed, some good, some better, some worse. We reference only equipment which is no longer available. We still have the full documentation including installation and operation manuals or where we provide own information free-of-charge for download. For details please use the contact document.

CETREK Autopilot:
CETREK Autopilot 930-715 User's Guide with Software V3.0
CETREK Autopilot 930-730 User's Guide with Software V3.0
CETREK Autopilot 930-740 User's Guide with Software V3.0
CETREK 930-609 Pilot Computer Installation Guide English and German
CETREK 930-619 Pilot Computer Installation Guide English and German
CETREK 930-298 Pilot Computer 609 to 619 Upgrade Kit
CETREK 930-580 Compass Sensor
CETREK 930-581 Rate sensor (no details available)
CETREK 930-809 Rudder Feedback Unit

CETREK Sensors:

CETREK 930-379 Depth Sensor Interface box (supplies an NMEA Signal to display and adjusts pulse frequency to water depth)
CETREK 930-346 Interface (connects Depth and Speed sensors to CETREK C-NET 2000 Units)
AIRMAR ST650 Speed and Temperature Sensor suited to CETREK’s range of products
CETREK 930-318 Wind Sensor for Masthead Sensoo for Wind Speed and Direction (Compatible to NMEA and non-NMEA devices)

CETREK C-NET Instrument Series:
CETREK C-NET Product Sheet
CETREK 930-353 C-NET MULTI Instrument
CETREK 930-352 C-NET COMBI Instrument
CETREK 930-384 C-NET WIND Instrument
CETREK 930-383 C-NET COMPASS Instrument

CETREK C-NET 2000 Instrument Series:

CETREK 930-640 C-NET 2000 MULTI ‚Coastal‘
CETREK 930-650 C-NET 2000 MULTI ‚Ocean
note there was a version with Software V 3.0 which worked as a GPS repeater alone, this type was numbered 930-630 and 930-635.
CETREK 930-651 C-NET 2000 WIND
CETREK 930-652 C-NET 2000 TACK

Sailor VHF A1 4900
Sailor VHF A1 Basis
Sailor VHF
Sailor VHF A1 4900

Installation Manual
Installation Manual
User Instruction for Kero stoves in German
Installation Manual