OLE HOOP (GER) under her owners K. Nölter and J. Michaelis, sailed around the globe between 1991 - 1994.  The voyage is summarized in a book ("Der erfüllbare Traum"). A number of articles of their cruises have been published in the German sailing magazine "Yacht". A second circumnavigation was started in the year 2000. OLE HOOP has been reported missing west of the Horn on Dec 13th, 2002. Her owners were prominent people in the Germany's blue water community. Until today no particular reason has been given why OLE HOOP in fact went missing, the weather in the area of the incident was reported to be a force 8 as confirmed by another boat in the area at the time. An extensive written summary of the cruise of K. Nölter and J. Michaelis is available in German language.


In memoriam of Klaus Nölter and Johanna Michaelis a note was written down at visitor's book of the small chapel at Cape Hoorn on January 23rd, 2014.

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Fly MB Ohlson 38 Fly aground 1 Fly MB Ohlson 38 Fly aground 2

FLY (UK) was lost in a storm off the British Isles. Allegedly she was anchored in an off-shore wind but ran ashore. She was floated a day later and brought to port.
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