Sailing with a Tablet:

Since the middle of last year we are experimenting with a tablet computer to support our NAV System. The systems performs well without doubt.

However I see downsides as well. On a tiller-steered boat there is no „natural“ place for placing the tablet computer (Apple IPad 3rd generation), thus the thing lies around in the cockpit, of course protected by a water-proof shell. The shell allows to charge but this is needed as continuously listening to the WiFi plus maximum brightness takes its toll on the battery. We will continue testing to see how this may be improved.

So this is how it looks…..

IPHONE/IPAD/Tablet computers

NV-Publishers excellent chart app, which comes with their charts free-of-charge.


ZIFIGO’s IRegatta app for racing support & performance measurement


Testing Performance with Polar Diagrams


INmeaLogger to detect and analyse NMEA data obtained via WIFI.

Move on to learn how to calibrate the navigation system