On hardware and displays in detail:

CETREK Units may be linked to incoming and outgoing NMEA 0183 data streams as well as their proprietary data bus. Note, as many other NMEA devices, these units will only transmit out NMEA phrases again, which they are capable of interpreting themselves beforehand:
CETREK NET Multi (#930-353)*, this device will display all boat-data except AIS and it will calculate VMG and CMG
CETREK NET COMBI (#930-365)* for display of depth, speed and speed-related information,
CETREK Autopilot 715 (#930-715) with CETREK Course Computer 609 (#930-906), CETREK Fluxgate (#930-580) and CETREK Rudder Angle Sensor (#930-809)*


VHF Thrane & Thrane Sailor A1 with RT4901 Handsets
* CETREK NET devices are out of production, so is the Garmin 120 GPS. We have some documentation like manuals for the units listed as well as on some CETREK 2000 models. Parts for these units and repairs may be available from The Servicecentre This company will do repairs on nearly all marine electronics.

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