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Over time we have been able to collate a significant amount of documents. On the pages below you will find copies as .PDFs or links to the documents. Most of the plans are now available on

The Plan section has a collection of drawings all derived from plans that were available via Tyler, the company moulding the hulls. They differ slightly to cover the fact that some plans were for the Ohlson 38 and some for her DIY-completed sister Tufglass 38. These boats differ somewhat as the Tufglass has her ballast in cast iron bolted on to the hull, whereas the Ohlson 38 had an internal ballast, i.e. the hulls are different. There are other modifications on the Tufglass too. Unfortunately the lines as Einar Ohlson did them are still missing for the boats. These have never been published nor released. In case you have come across them please let us know and we will be delighted to upload them. However somewhat simplified lines are available after US SY Hoolimar has been redrawn by US naval architect Dieter Empacher.

With the help from current owners we have been able to dig out the Tyler plans the detailed plans of both the Ohlson and Tufglass 38 as well as sail plans for the sloop and yawl rig. Courtesy is given to those submitting these plans.

The Sales doc section includes documents for marketing of the boats in the 1970-ies and -80-ies, particularly for the UK and the US.

The Articles section includes most if not all articles and papers published on the Ohlson 38 and voyages of various boats over time.

The Manuals section includes a variety of manuals for gear found of boats of this size. Some of them are unique and not available elsewhere. They are available for non-commercial use.