Yards who completed the Ohlson 38

Hulls were available to all yards in Europe and boats were completed by a number of yards and sold through agents mentioned in the original sales documentation. These were i.a.

Bröderna Ohlson (Ohlson Brothers) in Västra Frolunda near Gothenburg/Sweden, most of their production went to the US. The Ohlson Brothers worked with Bröderna Karlsson and Bröderna Martinsson at Svinevikens on the island of Örust (see picture below) for boats t be finished in wood. The sheds of the Karlsson yard are visible at the NE-edge of the beach. Boats in full GRP were finished by Bröderna Olsöner, later to become Malö Yachts of Sweden, reports say about 20 boats.
There is a recent write-up on the history of boat-building at the Swedish west coast mentioning this yard and displaying prints, for details see bottom of the page.
Picture: Svinevikens Batvarv and a history of boatbuilding there. Picture taken from click

United States
The US business was handled by their US importer and most influential
spiritus rector of the class Dick Sheehan in the firm Campbell & Sheehan Ltd at Larchmont, N.Y., USA.

United Kingdom
Alexander Robertson & Sons, Sandbanks, Argyll, Scotland, fitted out five boats, ia Gale (1969) and Eorsa (1973) for the UK market. A nice wiki portrays this yard which unfortunately does not exist anymore.
Tyler themselves finished probably at least half of the boats in the UK in later years of the production period. The last boat we heard of being built was around 1982. These late boats differ somehow in their lay-out.

Matthiessen & Paulsen (now Yacht- und Bootswerft Matthias Paulsen GmbH) in Arnis, Germany, who built three of these boats (two finished with wooden coachroof and deck, one in GRP) from Tyler-made GRP hulls.

A number or other yards acted as agents like Navalco SA at Le Legue-St. Brieuc/France.

A total of 128 hulls of the Ohlson 38 have been built by Tyler between 1969 until the end of 1980. About 50 of them were sold directly by Tyler - later as well for home completion - as Tufglass 38. They appear on the market, mostly in the UK.