Polar Data and Plot:
A polar diagram has been developed based upon data from an IMS Measurement in the Netherlands. This data has been kindly made available by STENTEC, manufacturer of software for sailing WINGPS. We are grateful for their help. Current experience shows that the boat performs close to the polars when using the sail plan published. For Download

Other Design Parameters:

The O-38 has been designed according to good design principles. A number of calculation analyses have been performed which support her sea-worthiness. The boats have been sailed around the world.
A set of design characteristics and performance data have been calculated for the Ohlson 38 which are available for download in the articles repository of this website. For this data set I am gratefully indebted to Ron Riley, who submitted these calculations. For questions refer to Ron directly at Ron Riley

Design Data:
The Ohlson 38 is a moderate design, which displays pleasant design features. These have been calculated below.

Note: these calculations were done by using the formulas published by Peter Ybold in Yachting Monthly,
Supplement Issue 05/96