Hull deck arrangements:

One drawbacks of the design repeatedly published were leaks occurring in the deck/hull joint of some boats on GRP hull - GRP deck constructions. One of the reasons was the flange moulded onto the hull where it was difficult to set down the deck to, however there are many boats out which have no leaks at all. The flange provided a challenge for some yards, particularly on full GRP versions when not enough care had been applied to level out the flange of the hull. This should be thoroughly checked when purchase of a boat is considered.

Boats were available on order with different arrangements of the chainplates. Depending on rig design dimensions the chainplates are sitting in the hull (ie at the outer end of the deck) or about 6“ away from the hull-sides (ie somewhere in the middle of the deck). On boats with the chainplates sitting close to the hull only the main shrouds sit on wedge-shaped boxes moulded onto the hull and the lower shrouds are connected to the hull-deck flange. However on boats with the chainplates sitting further inwards in the deck all shrouds are connected to wedge-shaped boxes to take the load of the shrouds. The lower shroud chainplates were somewhat poorly aligned with the line of tension of the lower shrouds on latter boats