The GRP hulls were laminated by the Tyler Boat Company Ltd. in Tonbridge/Kent in the United Kingdom and so were decks including the coachroof. Tyler had developed into the leading moulder at the time and a lot is to be said about their legendary quality. Little is known that these boats have suffered from the major threat to GRP - osmosis.  A separate website is available referencing all the good work the Tyler Company did. To read more on the Tyler Company click
Tyler made boats available in various stages to yards across Europe for completion (hulls, decks as well including coachroof) as well as finishing boats themselves in later years. Here you can see‚ ‚SERIPHOS’ (USA 2765) nearing completion at the Svinevikens Batvarv Yard on Örust, Swedish west coast, in 1969. Einar Ohlson (wearing a tie).

All pictures courtesy of Kevin A Swope