Our on-board system

Who’s listening?
NMEA data is transmitted to the following ‚NMEA listeners’:

  • MINI-ITX PC with extremely low power needs acting as chart plotter by running appropriate software
  • VHF-DSC (Thrane & Thrane Sailor A1 plus RT4901)
  • CETREK NET MULTI and NET NAV displays in the cockpit
  • Autopilot CETREK 619 & 715
  • WIFI RS232 Server eg from Hi-Link to set up a local WIFI for transmission of data. This device can multiplex AIS and regular NMEA data and transmit to hand-held devices like IPAD/IPHONE or similar.
For overview:

System options available but currently not used/Redundancies:
  • The two compass units on-board are redundant. As a matter of principle, data from the autopilot’s dedicated fluxgate unit could be fed back to the NAV system.
  • The GPS 120 is an old stand-alone version. It still may display data parallel to the other displays and may hold up to 250 waypoints. We continue to upload waypoint sets from the PC for display and autopilot operation. This data comes directly from the PC. It did survive both GPS roll over datas in 1998 and on April 6th, 2019
  • Neither the autopilot nor the hand-held units via WIFI are set to feed back data into the system but may be done to do so.

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