Einar Ohlson Designs:

The work of the Ohlson Brothers ("Bröderna Ohlson") is currently attracting new interest world-wide. An International team has been formed under the lead of the Ohlson family collecting information on all the boats of the Ohlson design office. This work is supported by the Veteransbåtsarkivet in Sweden, who are in the process of scanning all plans of the Ohlson 38 (more than 80!) as well as the plans pf the other designs. This work should be completed within the year 2020.

Einar Ohlson, together with his brother Carl-Eric, was a successful designer of boats. His landmark designs were in the 5.5 M IC class where they both raced in as well as designed and built boats. You will find many references to their 5.5 M on
5.5 M class database. A nice and fast 5.5 M design is Blueprint (GER-33, ex-Pacha SUI 103).

One of his initial design was a
36-footer, first built 1958 and redrafted in 1965 as a MK 2, repeatedly available second-hand on the US-market. These boats were available as sloops and yawls. More than 130 boats have been built entirely from wood.

The 38 footer was designed and came into service in 1968-9, accompanied by larger versions, a 41-footer and a 44 (sloop)-/45 (yawl)-footer. As much as I am aware there are three of the
41s, their initial design to date back to 1965. A very nice example is GYRE (US1666), built from wood by Molich in Denmark, now owned by part of the Kennedy family and revamped completely. In her recent restoration her cabin has been shortened compared to the original design. Another nice example is PHOENIX, the hull built from steel by Frans Maas from Breskens in the Netherlands.

The only one of the
45s I know of is a Huisman-built aluminum boat from 1970, DIOTIMA, German flag, (called a 45-footer), which had a refit by Walstedt of Danmark between 2006 - 8. She was built to order of the Hennessy family. Her hull shape mirrors the 38. A lot of pictures are available on Google picture under Ohlson-45.

Recently we learned about a 37 ft long keel boat built from wood and we have seen drawings of a 44-footer, sloop rigged. We are not sure whether a 44-footer was ever built.

As a modern version of the previous series, Ohlson designed a
35-footer again which came into production in 1970. These boats are available on the second-hand market frequently. They feature a short keel as it came into fashion at the time. Allegedly five of them have been built but given that they appear on the market one a while I assume the number was bigger than that. Again for pictures check google picture under Ohlson 35

And then there is the
Ohlson 8:8, one of his latest designs and their "sisters" or design derivatives plus the Ohlson 29. and the Winga 29 There should be 250 Ohlson 8:8 and an unknown umber of 29s..

The smallest of the boats are the
22-footers, more than 440 were built, starting from 1970.