Our on-board system

Who’s talking?
Our system on-board is typical and has grown over time. It may therefore be exemplary to a lot of system on other boats. In summary it consists of the following sensors/data suppliers (‚talkers’ in NMEA-speak):

  • GPS (Garmin 120)
  • Heading/Compass Sensor (Digital Yacht)
  • Speed & Depth Sensors (Airmar sensors, connected to a CETREK COMBI Unit)
  • Wind Ultrasound Unit (LCJ Capteurs)
  • AIS (Trueheading)

As these units all send in their data in parallel and the receiving units only have a limited number of ports to receive the data, sometimes even only one, data has to be combined into one data stream by a so called multiplexer or MUX.

Data multiplexing:
All data (except the AIS) is multiplexed by an Actisense NDC-4.

For overview:

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