Getting Help
In Europe:
Yachts- und Bootswerft Wilfried Stapelfeldt at Kappeln/ Schlei in Germany have done extensive work on SATURN (GER 1239). Wilfried Stapelfeldt had been involved building a number of these boats himself and has great experience in building, renovating and maintaining wooden and composite yachts. For details click.
For a fine example of a teak deck and cockpit repair done by Stapelfeldt see here:

Photo Courtesy of LvM

For details use the contact document.
Please contact Peter Ross (Tynaje, US 2222) at Mystic, CT. For details click. Tynaje has been sailed hard and well (and continues to be) by the Ross family, the boat has received continuous maintenance and her record with respect to race wins is outstanding, particularly for a boat whose design dates back to 1967. This pays tribute to Einar Ohlson’s quality as a designer. We have spent hours over the (scarce) plans of the boat and we can only bow our head to Einar Ohlson!
For more information on ocean going boats this is - though unfinished book - called
'Lessons from the Sea' by Rod Stephens is a "must have" for any serious sailor.